WHO is Women Helping Others!

WHO Foundation WebsiteThe WHO Foundation was established in 1993 by BeautiControl Chairman Jinger Heath, out of her heartfelt philosophy of women helping others. The WHO Foundation was established to address health, education and wellness concerns specifically for women and children.

Their mission

The WHO (Women Helping Others) Foundation® nationally supports grass-roots charities serving the overlooked needs of women and children.

Through the generous donations of BeautiControl Independent Skin Care and Image Consultants, company associates, individual and corporate contributors and BeautiControl, the WHO Foundation has provided funding for critical health and education projects that give women and children the knowledge and tools they need to improve their lives. Since its inception, the WHO Foundation has raised more than $1.2 million. The WHO Foundation is committed to:

  • Encouraging women everywhere to help others through local community service.
  • Supporting organizations dedicated to women and children.
  • Educating individuals about health and education issues.

WHO Foundation grants

Each year the WHO Foundation accepts grant requests from 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations for programs benefiting women and children. We are proud to support a variety of grass-roots charities providing health/dental care, basic adult education, support for women in crisis and many other much needed services.

Many of BeautiControl's 50,000 Independent Consultants throughout the United States and Puerto Rico volunteer their time leading fund-raising activities to benefit local groups and the WHO Foundation. Each year, the WHO Foundation Awards recognizes BeautiControl Consultants who have demonstrated outstanding volunteerism in their communities. Winners of the WHO Foundation Community Service Awards each receive a check from the WHO Foundation made payable to the charity for which they volunteer. Each year, the foundation also selects several national grant recipients.

“Through the support of many people, the WHO Foundation has made a tremendous difference to women and children in need across the country,” says WHO Foundation Founder and Chairman Jinger Heath. “We make that difference in communities where there’s a need often overlooked by bigger organizations. BeautiControl Independent Consultants fill that gap through their volunteer efforts and the WHO Foundation fills it through financial support. Everyone should have a chance to improve their lives and that is what the WHO Foundation is all about.”

Books reach out to thousands

Well Beauty: A New Beginning, is a comprehensive wellness guide for women undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. Written by Jinger Heath, Well Beauty offers image advice, positive affirmations, skin care advice, makeup tips to camouflage treatment side effects, and tips on head coverings and wigs. Thousands of copies have been distributed to women and health care organizations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Living Well: Women's Critical Health Issues, provides basic information for women on 10 critical health issues with specific symptoms, facts and strategies for prevention. Topics include heart disease, skin cancer, osteoporosis, lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer, diabetes and colon/rectum cancer.

Both booklets are available free of charge to cancer patients and cancer-related organizations. Others may obtain a copy of Well Beauty or Living Well for a suggested $5 donation per copy. To order write to the WHO Foundation, P.O. Box 816029, Dallas, TX 75381-6029 or e-mail us at who@beauticontrol.com.

For more information, visit www.whofoundation.com!

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