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BeautiControl Success Stories

Patty Foote
National Executive Director - Alabama

Patty Foote did not know entering her daughter into a beauty pageant would be a life-changing experience for herself. After watching a BeautiControl Consultant give makeovers to all of the pageant contestants, “I was so impressed because the makeup was so beautiful. I just knew this was for me.”

And it was… After driving two hours to a Unit meeting and reading all about the BeautiControl opportunity in a career brochure, Patty knew if other women could do this business so could she!

Since joining in 1986, Patty has become a leader in the BeautiControl business. “When I first became a Director, I got a huge bouquet of flowers sent to me from the President of the company at the time. I remember I felt so accomplished and just knew this was only the beginning!”

“I have been able to change many lives just through sharing this wonderful opportunity I’m helping other women create the lives they love.”

Today Patty is a National Executive Director and has been on the ride of her life. Though she has enjoyed every moment of traveling and the comfortable lifestyle BeautiControl has provided for her family, she says her greatest achievement is found in others. “I have been able to change many lives just through sharing this wonderful opportunity. I’m helping other women create the lives they love.”

Patty feels because her life with BeautiControl began through her daughter’s pageant, it’s only fair that her children benefit too. She believes each of them have learned valuable lessons from watching her grow.

“By watching me grow personally and seeing me reach my goals, they have great work ethics and know that anything is possible. I have been a better mother and grandmother because of my career with BeautiControl.”

Her family is a daily reminder of why she is a part of BeautiControl, and Patty never hesitates to share her BeautiControl blessing with everyone she meets. “Never judge anyone. We are in need of filling a business that never ends - What a wonderful way to earn a living.”

Patty Foote
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Former occupation: Stay-at-home mom

Joined in: 1986

Defining moment: When I looked at the career brochure and read about Betty Hughes

Best advice: Make the commitment to invest in your time and energy. You will reap what you sow.


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