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BeautiControl Success Stories

Leigh Ann Marshall
National Executive Director - Tennessee

“This life is like a fairy tale,” says Leigh Ann Marshall. “To get rewarded like this for doing work I love, and to be able to help others believe in themselves as well is almost too good to be true. My goal now is to change as many lives as possible through the BeautiControl opportunity.”

Leigh Ann was introduced to BeautiControl when she was modeling. One of the makeup artists at a job used BeautiControl products on her, and she loved them. She told her best friend Lee Huey how great the products were, and Lee signed up as a consultant. Back then the two of them would share a jar of Regeneration! Lee then recruited Leigh Ann, and she joined the business too.

“I absolutely loved the way the products felt on my skin,” says Leigh Ann. “But I hadn’t really thought of making a career out it. Then my husband told me I had to either go
back to work, or earn $800 per month with BeautiControl. I wanted to be home with my children after school, so I chose BeautiControl. It was obviously the right choice!”

“BeautiControl changed the way we live and even parent our children. It has taught us to pursue what we want with everything we’ve got.”

BeautiControl has impacted Leigh Ann’s family significantly. “When I was younger, I dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom. BeautiControl allowed me the flexibility to be with my children, and still contribute to my family’s income. It’s the best of both worlds! We’ve built our dream home, and are now building our second. We’ve sent our girls to college and traveled around the world to places I’d only dreamed of…Germany, Switzerland, Monte Carlo, Venice and Hawaii!”

The diamonds, trips, and other rewards have been wonderful, says Leigh Ann, but the greatest impact of BeautiControl on her family has been in the way they view life and its challenges. “BeautiControl changed the way we live and even parent our children. It has taught us to pursue what we want with everything we’ve got. We are not victims in this world. We have learned that our dreams are powerful, and the challenges often come right before the greatest victories.”

Leigh Ann has adopted the theme “BeautiControl for a lifetime” for herself and for her Unit. “People come and go and challenges come and go. You must be committed to your BeautiControl career in spite of the changes and challenges, and never quit. This is what will propel you forward. Life happens, and it is how you respond that will determine your path.”

Leigh Ann Marshall
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Former occupation: Part-time model and worked in retail

Joined in: 1997

Defining moment: When my husband said I had to return to work, and I decided to pursue BeautiControl.

Best advice: Never, never, never give up pursuing your dreams. There will always be challenges; it is how you respond to them that defines your success.


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